Since Sliced Bread

A visual arts project celebrating and exploring the culture and history of our windmills.

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Summer Baked!

The Since Sliced Bread Summer Bake at Boston College in Spalding yesterday had all the right ingredients!  The gazebos enabled the flour bed to stay dry, so the only doughy activity was inside and intended!  We had the occasional downpour but Jim’s flour from Heckington windmill stayed dry as did Sonya’s lovely french oven baked bread.  It was lovely to see so many people taking part in creativity with flour, with salt dough and with grains. Thanks to Lincolnshire’s windmills for being our inspiration.


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Heckington Heights

Heckington Mill

Heckington Mill

Heckington Mill‘s manager Jim Bailey took me to the top (called the cap) of the Mill last week where I discovered that a mill needs lots of TLC and the mechanics  haven’t really changed for hundreds of years.  What struck me as amazing was that wind alone can drive the movement of those heavy cogs!  I guess that is why I’m an artist and not an engineer!  The other thing that blows my mind ( I can’t help a pun!) is that the cap itself is not fixed onto the tower, it is free to move with the wind.

Enjoy this short video…

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Our opening weekend at Heckington Mill was a joy and not just because of the cakes that emerged at Fay’s baking demo!  Lots of people visited and had a go at the creative activities including Doh!  Salt Dough creations as well as Bill and Ben the Flour Pots and Whispering on the Wind sail designs.  It was a great way to start to get to know the local community as well as hear the sayings people use or value.  Some visitors even invented their own proverbs/words of wisdom.

Thanks to all the volunteers at the Mill and especially to Finn for his support with the activities.

“The kids were completely enthralled……lovely to see the children’s imaginations at work……the dough activities upstairs were fabulous…..It was a very nice relaxed and easy-going environment for the kids to get stuck in and enjoy themselves……I would definitely look out for other events at the mill especially involving creative activities “.