Since Sliced Bread

A visual arts project celebrating and exploring the culture and history of our windmills.

Exhibition at Moulton Mill May, 2014

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Moulton Graffiti

Moulton Graffiti

I find the graffiti found in different parts of Moulton Mill absolutely fascinating.  These marks all tell a story of a life once lived, a life connected to the Mill either as a Miller, mill worker or visitor.   There are signatures, addresses, tally marks, notes about quantities and grain origins.   Some of the graffiti is located right at the top of the mill on the main central shaft so I made images for display during the exhibition.


Author: Fi Burke

As a conceptually and philosophically driven visual artist, I work with different media including text, flour, installation, film and print. My work can be playful in the way that it explores the everyday relationships between language and thought. I try to make sense of how language and text can form our belief systems, change perspectives, cover up or displace reality or reveal the truth.

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