Since Sliced Bread

A visual arts project celebrating and exploring the culture and history of our windmills.

Heckington is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

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Blank bread

We are all fond of certain phrases and sayings and use them automatically to express ourselves in day to day life.  Yet few of us take time to think about the many secrets and insights to be revealed relating to the times, places and people that they came from.

‘SINCE SLICED BREAD’  will be giving local people a chance to spend time in fantastic heritage Windmills. It is an opportunity – open to everyone – to have some fun making new artworks as well as to connect to history through phrases, the Mills and bread!   You can explore exciting art and photography techniques with some unusual materials, as well as to participate in discussions which will inspire new understandings of some of the things we say and local history.

SINCE SLICED BREAD’ will be taking place between October 2013 and December 2014 at various local mills including Heckington.  I will use the workshops to provide further inspiration to create new artworks that will be exhibited at the Mills themselves and then later on at Ayscoughfee Hall and Boston College in Spalding.

“Heckington windmill are looking forward to hosting Fi and her Since Sliced Bread project.  This will be something new for us, a chance to participate and show off our wonderful windmill and the 8 Sailed Brewery. To start the programme,  Fi will be joining us on our Halloween weekend with some fun creative activities for all the family to join in with – bringing history alive through art”.



Author: Fi Burke

As a conceptually and philosophically driven visual artist, I work with different media including text, flour, installation, film and print. My work can be playful in the way that it explores the everyday relationships between language and thought. I try to make sense of how language and text can form our belief systems, change perspectives, cover up or displace reality or reveal the truth.

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